Let you know where the bag is made

“Yau-off” is the city’s Rookie Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 its own brand. This was established in 1998 luggage company, created in the beginning positioned as product development, manufacturing and marketing in one, very focused on supporting the downstream industry chain. The first few years, the rookie group with luggage Pinghu most businesses, mainly to OEM processing. However, the founder Shi Jihong is not content to be a OEM manufacturer, a brand, a brand-name over in his mind never stopped. After completion in 2001, “Yau-off” trademark registered in China, the rookie first to set foot on the road of its own brand. In 2002, “Yau-off” in the United States and the European Union have also been registered.

To build a well-known brand, product quality is the key. How to improve quality? In 2003, the Group set up the first rookie luggage physical and chemical laboratories in the country, to ensure quality control luggage rationalization, standardization, and environmental compliance. “To go through a zipper can be used after 8000 times the fatigue test to pass, a trolley wheel to go through a continuous 30 km test to pass.” It was so tough to detect, and strictly ensure the quality of the brand rookie luggage. Excellent product quality but also for the rookie to win a higher market reputation.

With carefully crafted to enhance the “leisurely off” brand, in 2008, the group scored the first rookie Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference, to all participants free green bag, and became the sponsor of the forum was the only private enterprise. After that, they Pinghu luggage and BFA forged a bond, annual Congress, “Yau off” brand bags are a guest of meetings with representatives of the specified package stunning debut. From the initial environmental information kits, and later computer briefcase, to last year’s ultra-light folding waterproof shoulder bag. This year’s Boao national ceremony “Yau-off” has a new bright spot: aluminum carry hand, very wide shape, invisible braces, humane document mezzanine, designed with stationery pencil case, can Shoulin can shoulder back to Messenger, and specifically ordered a commercial gray and red two colors China, providing a wide range of functional experience for the guests.

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