Cooperate with so many customers in Southeast Asia

Wild ways are born, grew up not play by the rules. “Credit door”, the father was a beaten Wu Meng, has thus realized, “Chu Laihun always” the truth. He would like to see, brains to make money too, on their own.

1990s heyday of Hong Kong and Taiwan chip, Chow Yun Fat movie series starring the God of Gamblers swept Southeast Asia, the cyclone has blown idol Wu Meng Language northeast of town. 10 years old, he sprouted gather all things, when the idea of ​​Big Brother. He took a few children, hand-built a number of prizes, including the time the tide Mobile phone models. With these prizes rustled up a game tournament, rules of the game, participate in the competition can win prizes, a dime a ticket, to near the school children are attracted. Money hand, took little friends squandered.

13 years old, business telephone song is very popular. 3 yuan a song, Wu Meng song at home, holding the phone, listening fascinated. One month down, the home phone more than 300 yuan song fee. Mother in hospital work, more than a month wages, which look mother spent two months wages.

Childhood fun, play to spend money, wanted a way to earn enough money to spend, which makes Wu Meng always had business acumen. Plus daring, willing to share, many small partners like to follow him. These personality traits childhood for later embarked on the road of entrepreneurship planted seeds. After a long gestation the seed, take root in high school.

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