AI would subvert future business management

When people refer to the application of artificial intelligence at work, the first reaction is usually on a factory assembly line robots, however, as the world’s largest human resources company LinkedIn founder Reid • Hoffman is a different view .

In the MIT Sloan Management Review article written by Hoffman talked about the application of artificial intelligence technology. In addition to a number of other industries as we know, Hoffman made special mention of the impact of artificial intelligence on enterprise management, data such as the use of science and technology can improve our recruiting new employees, organizational work processes, and the way of communicating. He predicted that in the next five years, artificial intelligence technology will subvert the traditional enterprise management, especially for the application of “knowledge map”, will become the future standard enterprise management.

Imagine a spider diagram, a very complex network, comprising the above daily interaction of employees, emotion, and all the office workflow information. You can use a similar diagram to outline your company out? AI can handle massive files, e-mail and data, providing unprecedented access to information, helping us to delegate work, track tasks, to show results.

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