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Buying yahoo should be proved by Mozilla

Under the agreement Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Mozilla signed regulations, no matter which company acquired Yahoo, as long as Mozilla think it’s not what you want partner, you can lift the partnership on their own, and the new owner must also be in Yahoo to pay $ 375 million in revenue annually to the Mozilla security payments until 2019.

Meyer and Mozilla in late 2014 signed a cooperation agreement, the content is the Yahoo search Mozilla Firefox browser as default search engine in the United States, among other conditions is one of the terms of the agreement, the above conditions.

In addition to the signing of a cooperation agreement with Yahoo, Mozilla Firefox search engine partner Google. The purpose of this clause is to protect the interests of Mozilla when Yahoo control changed hands is not compromised.

Meyer never thought of such a situation really happen. According to the terms of the agreement the first 9.1 ie provisions on a change of control provisions, if Mozilla found it difficult to accept new partners, it has the right to decide within a certain period of termination of cooperation. If Mozilla really made the decision to terminate the cooperation, even if it was later followed by the new partners to reach a new agreement, Yahoo also have to pay $ 375 million in revenue to the Mozilla security payments annually.

Mozilla really care what the final bid for Yahoo is a company, the development of revenue and search partners is closely related to Mozilla. Before, Mozilla about 90% of revenue comes from cooperation deal it reached with Google. Google to pay Mozilla annual income security deposit is $ 300 million.

Internet financial capital still has more risks

Internet banking is still the capital of the most active industry, a total of 44 companies ENTRY, compared to 2015 increased by 4, the proportion also increased by 1.4 percentage points. TOP10 companies in the list, Internet banking business is accounted for five, including ants gold dress ranked first with $ 60 billion valuation. Ereli analysis, although P2P banking, net loan platform has been controversial, but the development trend of the Internet banking is still good, the future of Internet banking will be vertical, mobility, big data and so direction.

ENTRY electricity supplier industry enterprises is 36, ranked second in all industries. Ereli analysis, along with the rapid development of the Internet in China, e-commerce has been the rapid development of industry from emerging to mature and stable, and have a clear business model, so that this area is still a high degree of concentration of enterprises unicorn industry; from segments 36 ENTRY distribution business enterprise, the mother electricity supplier, electricity supplier for Women, the cross-border electricity suppliers and other vertical areas of rapid development, while electricity supplier mobile trend is obvious; as an important basic services electricity providers in the field of logistics services industry also has nine companies ENTRY.

Car traffic and health care is more concentrated ENTRY business sectors, respectively, 23 and 21 companies ENTRY. And before the development trend of hot O2O service industry in the cold this year, the list were 17 enterprises, more than 2015 decreased 7. Ereli analysis, since 2015, the homogenization of serious, profit model is not clear, the lack of resources under line, funding strand breaks, low user demand and other issues, out of the many local living services O2O enterprises. The capital market O2O industry also tends to calm, throwing money at subsidized conventional endless loop mode the user will be changed only truly future integration of multiple resources, attention to user experience, be able to provide personalized, differentiated services, and clear profit model O2O enterprises can be better and faster development.

Amazon has been working hard to develop in fashion field

Amazon is not hard, carefully watched its development, that never say die spirit is really touching. Amazon launched in 2007, watches, shoes and other categories, apparel launched in 2008, an increase of digital European operations gave it to enter the fashion industry information. Then, it had set up the main luxury goods and fashion products electricity supplier website Endless, the results of six years after the collapse. After 2012, it added in the main category of cosmetics and other site classification, electricity suppliers still most important to put the tag in the words “Luxury” of last winter, also introduced several free fashion brand. Oh yeah, it is worth mentioning that there are in New York in 2013 to establish the 40,000 square feet of professional studio.

The key problem lies in the brand image is too ingrained. And consequently to sell electricity business started, and now they want to sell the most high-obsessed want luxury, Amazon understand this is not done overnight. The Integer Group Vice President of electricity provider channel on the right Glossy expressed: “Amazon like Costco (supermarket name) instead of Nordstrom (United States fashion department name)”, people want to buy toilet paper instead of on top designer clothing, at most, Buy Buy basic T-shirt and so on, which makes the fashion brand’s marketing officer, who think, in the above toss is no meaning.

This is very embarrassing. Possible in the existing transition strategy, by investing in a vertical electric business to reach your goals may be the most effective one. Amazon’s acquisition list already have the main fashion Shopbop, Zappos, Myhabit and East Dane, but there are some people who refuse to sell, such as ASOS.

But the acquisition of vertical sites, the luxury performance is not good. The company was chosen MyHabit only Michael Kors, Kate Spade and Milly, they are extravagant light, some of it is urban brand Guess and Fossil, want from the Amazon “top” or a distance. Today, this situation is no better. A recent report from L2 showed 83 luxury brands, only less than a third settled in the Amazon, in their sales, 75% came from the third-party platform. For those who do not want to surrender the right to discount brands and inventory control of the brand, the wholesaler is annoying.

YouTube will launch Internet TV service next year

On July 11, 2016 news, along with the development of the times, people’s entertainment needs are growing, cable television has failed to meet the viewing needs of people, and more and more consumers via the Internet to watch live television channels. So Sony, satellite TV company Dish Network TV service launched etc, to provide users with more quality channels.

More than that, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest users of original video site YouTube, has also recently developed a non-oriented cable television network service users. It is reported that YouTube is much more detail and television copyright negotiations, which ESPN (sports entertainment television network), ABC (ABC) and CBS (CBS) and other main channel will be included in the package in the channel, and it has not been finally determined.

It is reported that, YouTube Internet television service called “Unplugged” (without harness), that is, without the use of traditional cable access network. More worth mentioning it is that the package monthly fee may be as low as $ 35, and in addition to this basic channel package, users can also pay additional funds to buy additional channel package. In addition, YouTube Internet TV service will likely be released in the first half of 2017.

Does google make us stupid?

Google really makes us “stupid” yet? Not absolute, most of the “common” information, we still have to rely on this type of search engine Google to find our place as possible “answer.” But Google to find information is visible to APP exists in the form of mobile Internet products, is not known for the search engine, which resulted in large surpluses and a lot of gaps, information and knowledge again be disrupted.

More and more users / experts to join the “knowledge network” camps in the past, we can see the sound from the user / expert, the popularity of smart mobile devices, 4G and WiFi network popularity, are so variable transmission of information get easier. Thomas Friedman predictable “world is flat” phenomenon does not appear, but more and more serious information asymmetry, the country will also rely on rich a huge number of asymmetric information Internet companies to make money.

Recently, the opportunity to team introduced a quiz based on the information medium voice switching platform, “inquire about the” circle of friends and previously popular “sub answer” somewhat similar “to inquire about the” business sense, is a voice-based media, to break the information barriers, allow users to very low prices and platform experts in the same horizontal line interaction.

“Internet +” will recreate human’s life

Today, the Internet has been fully integrated into the human way of life, mode of production, and even the operation of the entire human society, I can say, I am afraid that the Internet can be counted as the 20th century, mankind’s greatest invention.

2015, Li Jiabao in his government work report first proposed the “Internet +” action plan for the Internet to transform traditional industries in-depth discussion and interpretation; Then, in the government work report in 2016, has clearly stated that ” Internet + “XI plan of action so that all walks of life and quickly into the” Internet + “into the stage. Some even boldly predicted that the “Internet +” will play the role of “power” in the first industrial revolution, the promotion of the entire human community-acquired revolutionary change and rapid development.

Compared with most of the action to the previous technological change in different industrial upgrading, “Internet +” in actually influenced and changed the lives of everyone. Taobao, led to the electricity supplier, is to subvert our traditional shopping habits, custom manufacturing of some kind of vertical electric business even being previously unattainable brought before ordinary consumers; US group, glutinous rice, public comment and other Internet platforms let us eat in the choice of a more transparent and convenient; where to go, Ctrip and other sites, can arrange hotel, travel, car rental and other matters based on our travel intelligence; ant short rent, etc. from the share point of view, so that we can use more lower prices and better service affinity, get accommodation solutions; tourism, with the group no longer limited, and tickets to access other primitive behavior, start adding precise travel, travel and financial services; high moral map that allows us wise to avoid congested find the destination; rain doctors, registered net is committed to making all citizens more even, more convenient, more just enjoy the excellent medical resources; at the same time, Internet + education, but also let the poorest, the most remote mountain children can enjoy high-quality child with the big cities of educational resources.

What are the common characteristics of CEOs?

He took the company is willing to challenge the really difficult problems, you have self-confidence challenge others did not dare to do. Mark each year to their task very difficult to kill to eat meat on their own, how many people here that we can do? Of course, I think you will be a little strange paranoid, so I think this strange man with paranoid is somewhat similar . That is why he can be made to Facebook, may not be able to make the rest of us.
We see Facebook in the global lighting, as well as the middle piece of land less bright. But Avamar such entrepreneurs, in order to enter such a market, so much effort. He learned Chinese to participate in the Board of Tsinghua University to make a speech in Chinese every year, he invited leaders visited his room, but also to show his reading and read the book and have a lot of Chinese characteristic socialism, etc., than Google at that time to enter the Chinese hard times. But he worked hard, he was dedicated to go in this direction. Whether he finally successful, here is his interpretation is powerful, paranoid, self-confident, not afraid of difficulties.

Many on Wall Street people will say, Google reason to do Alphabet, just in order to expand the share price, to cut unprofitable business. In fact, we also do not see how this great company ambitions, Google in early business, especially inside the search, a refined artificial intelligence, refining a brain, you lose any data to it, plus some full recognition , you can solve any problem.
For example, you lost your stock data to it, it will stock. Go to chess you lose it, it will go under the. It is not a platform, but this set of technologies, coupled with the number of cattle, is to create 26 or more great company, so Google is actually very strong, his mind is trying to Google the current value multiplied by 26, in all respects, medicine, investment, all aspects of genetic testing to build a great company.
What did he do things? I recently saw at Stanford a recently graduated student, himself wanted to be a teacher, but Google gave him a $ 2.5 million a year of treatment, we do not ever have to see to a doctor to get this offer? this is 2.5 million not in cash, but cash + stock. But the company in order to achieve this goal, to monopolize the world’s top talent, they do not want Facebook or Microsoft dug such a person. You, as company executives have no courage for a person such treatment, the same doctor came in two and give one person more than another ten companies, you can make sense in the company do? Google is not afraid, that’s what they can do Think Big.

There is a problem with company’s development

According to foreign media reports, professional networking site LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman recently in an interview said the sale to Microsoft LinkedIn is a difficult decision. When the company was unable to come up with practical solutions when developing new technologies, we can not compete with Google and Facebook and other large companies. So he was forced to sell to another company British generals technology giant Microsoft.

Hoffman believes that technology companies in order to keep up with Google, Facebook and Microsoft is a big company to maintain long-term competitiveness, we must continue in the future direction of research industry. For small companies, this company great pressure, so many companies chose to sell them to a large group, as a subsidiary, and lost its own characteristics. This is also the development of SMEs can not avoid.

Meanwhile Hofmann also admitted that small and medium companies is difficult to choose short-term gains and long-term benefits. In Microsoft reached with the intention to acquire a year ago, LinkedIn has been in a turmoil. Its face a higher risk of devaluation slowly, looking for large buyers may be more reliable approach. Hoffman said, LinkedIn has a strong competitiveness and advanced technology, but for shareholders, Microsoft’s $ 26.2 billion bid is more tangible benefits for them. Microsoft is LinkedIn the most suitable new home, before facing the pressure will all dissipate, which also allows them to devote yourself to under development.

One thing Entrepreneurs should consider

Star Legend WILL future World Congress held today, Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Legend Holdings attended the meeting. Liu stressed that under the current environment, innovation and entrepreneurship to give the State Department, government support, this is not a slogan but a national strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Commenting on the recent British Liu off to Europe, the dramatic changes in the US presidential election, the pattern of the world has a huge uncertainty. He believes that entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial process, the most afraid of is uncertainty. From the terms of the national level, a comparison between the country’s economic strength is the strength of even the military is also based on economic basis, while the strength of comparative economic strength of the enterprise, the enterprise’s actual strength of the enterprise innovation capacity, as well as the national youth innovation and entrepreneurial abilities. Therefore, innovation and entrepreneurship is not a slogan, but the strength and prosperity must be the way to go.

Liu recalled the history of the development of China, the change of dynasties from prosperity to decline, ad infinitum, until the West is nothing new emergence of the steam engine, the power of invention, innovation abroad to promote China but this backwater lake, formed a political reform, the world situation The change. About 40 years ago, PC machines have a huge push for the construction of information of the major industries in the world, is to promote the Internet today, the rapid development of mobile Internet, which makes people’s life, work, and society as a whole has been a great promote. This is to bring the power of innovation.

AI would subvert future business management

When people refer to the application of artificial intelligence at work, the first reaction is usually on a factory assembly line robots, however, as the world’s largest human resources company LinkedIn founder Reid • Hoffman is a different view .

In the MIT Sloan Management Review article written by Hoffman talked about the application of artificial intelligence technology. In addition to a number of other industries as we know, Hoffman made special mention of the impact of artificial intelligence on enterprise management, data such as the use of science and technology can improve our recruiting new employees, organizational work processes, and the way of communicating. He predicted that in the next five years, artificial intelligence technology will subvert the traditional enterprise management, especially for the application of “knowledge map”, will become the future standard enterprise management.

Imagine a spider diagram, a very complex network, comprising the above daily interaction of employees, emotion, and all the office workflow information. You can use a similar diagram to outline your company out? AI can handle massive files, e-mail and data, providing unprecedented access to information, helping us to delegate work, track tasks, to show results.