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Mini package shows unique personality

Take that shirt skirt to work too boring? Pink color may wish to use a small bag slung sense of fun, wear a red belt short-chain necklace, with a geometric pattern umbrella skirt, high heels foot on the ball, easily create playful impression .

Packet boom continues to spread, dorsal hand or handsome, with quality materials and color variability, street shooting type of women who have used a whole packet to highlight the main visual. Wish to go out this weekend, you find the family dog mini package, to follow with the picture, try to know the effect.

Spring is to hit a bold color, and a large red vest long dress to show exquisite delivered a good curve, with the same color sweater and cat’s eye sunglasses, and finally knocked belong youthful confident style with mustard yellow leather bag.

Romantic elegant white silk-like dress, and then with a red mini bag, let favorability instant upgrade. Use fitting denim jacket too delicate balance of the image, dress and long hair is the goddess-based outfit.

The most popular sections are the classic single product bag

Dolce & Gabbana nobility has never been interrupted, the season is still exquisite and noble character presentation in front of everyone, although gorgeous and complex package suitcase exciting enough, but the unique style Vanda indeed more worthy of recommendation, whether it is fabric or decorative or chains are like an exquisite work.

Chloe this season in the case of Hudson headed bag styles, and classic saddle compact and lightweight, and highly dynamic tassels design charm, based on the original but also into some metal elements, especially the casual cool.

This is the biggest feature cleverly hidden in a large package of another packet, package bag unique design make it stand out at once, in different colors so that you can always open the bag when surprised, minimalist style, and elegant appearance elegant elements, less saturated color can make you put it down.

Simple shape, full of technology textured fabrics glance hard to forget, looks noble and great fashion sense, simple look to some very wild, special colors and materials will definitely make you at first sight.

David Bailey and TOD’S Handbags

Italian luxury leather goods boutique brand TOD’S years launched a number of impressive classic handbags, leather goods brand in the status is also important. Recently, the two finally come together landmark art logos, brand hired David Bailey interpretation of this spring and summer launch of hot handbag TOD’S Cape Bag, under David lens, handbags fine workmanship and exciting lines of curvature the United States was 11 realistic presented.

Fashion and art has always been inextricably associated; when the two converge, often sparking clashes with a difference, as we continued to bring spectacular visual feast.

Attaining 77 years of David Bailey is absolutely vital arts photographer, in the 1960s, he was with a new way to capture the time of the “Swinging London” (Swinging London) trend, uninhibited shooting style, it was not subject to the eyes It is definitely a pioneer of modern street shooting. Today, David is absolutely classic fashion photography industry representatives.

And David said in an interview in order to handbags mainly photographic works, it is a new attempt for the first time in his career.

Hermes holds a rare feature

Luxury goods industry downturn, the French did not let the traditional arts and crafts brand Hermes (Hermes) with a worried frown. Instead, Hermes and not for its difficulties, the French brand has its own unique know-how. The trick is “rare”: a way for other high-end brands to the ground characteristics.

In the first half of this year, Hermes sales of 2.3 billion euros, 3.5 times a decade ago, while the current growth rate is also resident in the brand’s annual growth target (8%) above. Rivals LVMH and Gucci parent Kering first half sales growth was 6% and 3.5%.

And the two luxury goods maker is different, Hermes lifted the non-luxury goods brand or a plurality of load, without reservation. At the same time, the brand has been tightened supply, resulting in market demand is not fully met state. Some consumers want to buy the most prestigious Hermes bag Birkin bag (worth £ 10,000), you may need to wait a few years.

The question is, whether this trick is reason enough for the Hermes share price high. It is reported that, Hermes share price and its bags as expensive than many peers share price 50% higher.

Hermes maintains the original business strategy

“This is very important for our country, its contribution to our growth. Retail industry we need to remain vigilant, but also as to are worried about.”

While facing an economic downturn, but the company said Hermes in China will continue the existing business strategy, at the same time pay close attention to the strong dollar dragged down by the US retail market trend.

Hermes benefited from the euro in the first half, operating profit recorded a growth of 20% to 748 million euros. Year operating margin reached 32.5% of sales.

And the automotive industry as well as basic resource industries, the luxury goods industry’s shares in August are subject to investor concerns about China’s economic health. But Hermes has said that now the final nail devaluation of the RMB and China stock market crash on the company’s business is still “too early.”

Axel Dumas, president said, “In my opinion, these two events is limited.”

“They fell because of slowing economic growth led to a decline? Are China Shanghai stock market would customer confidence or consumer desires affect? ​​Which we need to pay close attention.”

LONGCHAMP 2016 spring bow Legend Series

The new Legend Series LE PLIAGE® HÉRITAGE bow selection of fine leather and top production process fully reflects the Longchamp excellence. Season package shall vibrant colors and elegant dynamic design passionate interpretation of the latest fashion trends in Paris.

This essential package shall tradition of the classic design style and silhouette and bold, cleverly mixed trend this season the main color, highlights unique luxurious texture. Lively and bright terracotta color and black, elegant concise sand gray with khaki, combined with beige icing on the cake, delicate soft baby pink and black hit color, ivory white and then to balance the overall tone. Delicate black beaded flip lock coordinate the overall color combination exudes elegant and charming temperament.

This series of four packages to choose from: two classic handbag models, a stylish messenger bag models and a trend of the envelope bag models. The new design of the package shall envelope comfortable yet modern elements, it is indispensable luxury single product.

How should we go match with winter messenger bag?

Messenger bag is an essential fashion lady every single product, a lot of girls like sweet outfit, Xiao Bian bring the following with a sweet lady messenger bag, Ms. Messenger bag with a look at how the match.

Cute brown mini messenger bag, with light gray woolen coat, inside wear a striped knit shirt, wearing a strip blue khaki leggings and snow boots this winter with a youth filled with sweet flavor.

Want in autumn and winter with the sweet, the back of a messenger bag temperament, wearing a black skirt bottoming wavelet point, Waipi short coat, wearing a pair of stylish bow shoes, giving the feeling of sweet and well-behaved, very by age was temperament.

Rose Red Fashion Messenger bag with a light blue lace coat jacket very good, oh, inside wearing a black turtleneck sweater, with a pair of stiletto boots, European and American big full range of children, yet sweet.

You must have japanese and korean styles messenger bags

Fashion handbags is that every little girl can not fashion a single product, the following small series to bring a variety of fashion messenger bag Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea handbags necessary manpower you can not miss!

Like sweet girls dress up this essential Korea frosted pu messenger bag, simple version of the classic design, retro matte pu, thick metal does not rust, wild super nice.

This is a popular Japanese and Korean chain diagonal package must-have item Oh, fresh candy color wild and sweet, metal tower design add fashion sense, small upper body ~ gas feminine charm!

2015 can not miss this fashion with Japan and South Korea wings bag Messenger bag, elegant wings package type, soft and delicate hand round shank, long carry feel tired, join the bottom fashion rivet, more good-looking trend, highlighting the good taste.

Casual and simple american style

The annual Ke Qila (Coachella) Festival again started! As the most watched, most stars and the type of people gathered musical feast is also a lot of people expected. Although we can not feel superior sound waves to the scene to bring the atmosphere, but do not worry, waiting for some time, domestic strawberries, etc. Midi Music Festival will be kicked off. Before the beginning of the carnival, your Festival Style must-have item is ready for it? Let’s take a look at this issue of the fashion blogger Rumi Neely outfit secrets, I believe we will give you a dress with inspiration!

From San Diego fashion blogger Rumi Neely is a hybrid between Japan and Scotland, with a slender model-like figure is not that enviable vest line, a look that bit of fitness people. Look at the Ins Rumi Neely is not difficult to find, dress her in private that no other fashion bloggers so complicated compelling, but in casual and simple American style based.

Look out Look shorts + boots are the most common mix Rumi Neely, empathy this dress is also very suitable for during the festival. In addition, with a crude bandage strap sandals by age jeans, suspenders and tight jeans with a bunt white shoes Look also suitable not only for daily wear during the festival put on the body. In the bag, Rumi Neely tend small handbag or small chain bag, so not only lightweight but also significant figure of the street.

Small messenger bag is a must-have

In fact, buy bags of it is always a common theme, the girls say, we are willing to make investments in the bag, also from campus school girl to a mature white-collar women, whether big or flat price, everyone’s clothes the cupboard has numerous bags, baths, so what, the summer temperatures and higher and higher, those of you who usually work handbag large enough for school, shopping weekend appointments will need to be a small satchel liberate your hands slightly, so the season has become a small messenger bag you buy buy buy important single product, seals the king for you recommend a messenger bag and two dress with a single product recommendation!

Meet the weekend with a few friends, the United States and the United States put on a dress plus a pair of sneakers or high heels is the best choice for you, do not install too many items, small enough to go out the essential thing is enough, so in the bag You can pick up some bright colors or messenger bag decorated with beads, the shape is so concave up.

In addition to being home to summer dresses, pants but also of the world, holes in jeans and striped pantyhose, suit pants, and so are the hot season pants single product, such as white lily tight leg jeans, canvas shoes, baseball shirt + with a very casual, and then with a small bag is dotting; there are black and white look Song Qian also look feminine, a white shirt + black trumpet trousers tight leg and then with the chain bag, presumably a lot of mature women preferred.