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Say hi to new winter bags

Compared to the new clothes, new shoes and bags for girls are more lethal, last week made a Zara shoes thematic good feedback, so I quickly put new bags also make persistent efforts to update you popularize.

Chloe give you a look at this year’s autumn and winter romantic aesthetic large advertising, invited Anja Rubik and two supermodel Julia Stegner, the effect is really beautiful photographs, so every time I open a few pictures that will quietly look for a long time ,So beautiful!

Although Hudson is seen as a continuation of pig packages and 15 packages of spring and summer the boats for 14 years, I would think that this package before selling their home and Marcie (pictured right) quite a bit similar. However cowhide material Hudson to 2350 dollars, trumpet Marcie messenger bag as long as 795 dollars.

Not the pursuit of the latest girl into a trumpet Marcie I feel very good, after all, as long as 795 dollars, 5000 to succeed, but also many colors to choose Oh. Queen to look good, not very refined.

Colorful holiday series of bags

Holiday approaching, shopping spree also will come. It is time to develop a list of holiday for family and friends to bring a surprise and pleasure. Furla has extensive family holiday package, as well as to meet the needs of all of the charm. So much temptation, why risk to pick another gift?

Gold and silver in this series will show the most. Furla classic Metropolis series package shall filigree jacquard fabrics, textured fabrics and mirror-polished calf exudes elegant light, with bright metal, feminine filling. Furla will create your unique style, whether it is a holiday or usually are the focus of fashion.

In contrast with the trend of fanaticism, accessories inspired by the cute little pet with a teddy bear, or made of multicolored leather or the like crystal spherical and donut-like fur. Chink accessories for a custom section of the package brings more joy.

How to spot fake chanel bags

In Guangzhou where Li Beika origin, to the home of Chanel in Paris, France as a destination, if you leave in the off-season in July and August, the cheapest round-trip should 6000+, select season or replaced as Shopaholics the longing for a May or June “shopping discount season” starting conservatively estimated to have soared to a round-trip ticket or 10000 9000+ ocean, simply buy a ticket, 1/3 Chanel so you say goodbye with a .

When you care deeply bolted to Paris Chanel store, found originally sold only 3550 euros (about 23,500 yuan) 11.12 handbags has raised the price, even sell 4260 euros (about 28,200 yuan), after it bought tears to close micro letter to a friend, tell you when this bag in China from 38200 down to 30,000 yuan, for this 1800 how to fight itself, this does not count the journey back and forth, time-consuming, book hotels, eat a big meal, passport . Money, think about heartbreak.

The Chanel price adjustment covers the Hong Kong area, a rate of 20%, which involves most of Chanel selling models, such as the BOY Chanel series, Classic series, the number from the current Hong Kong dollars to HK $ 43200 Classic series 34000, Jumbo number by the now HK $ 48,000 to HK $ 38000, BOY CHANEL series number price of HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700 and so on. But with the price of the mainland, the two difference becomes smaller and smaller.

Boy Chanel No. in series, for example, in Hong Kong it down from HK $ 38,000 to HK $ 29,700, equivalent to 23,760 yuan, while Le Boy in Mainland prices from 32,700 yuan to 26,000 yuan, that is, the difference is still 2,000 yuan. If students are to Hong Kong from Guangdong province, do not spend too much money on transportation and accommodation in, it could also be considered, but if you want to fly special trip, just the ticket to make money do not come back!

What are the most popular bag style in 2016?

Sporadic or trimmed with rivets big bag rivets shining charming rock temperament, comes with fashionable, and the bag with tassel embellishment is also to highlight trends and fashion taste ,, tassels Smart and Light for the bag is add a lot of beauty, so a simple version of the design of the bag incarnation of enchanting beauty, becoming more and more sexy.

Saddle bags in the last year has been very popular, but because it is a very strong sense of style, many designers have been a soft spot, so in the next two years remains a popular trend. And when the bucket bag began to enter the fashion world, from LV home big bucket bag released a series of models, the audience still seemed blurred in the state, many big names have launched a style of its own style bucket bag section, 2016 Spring Fashion Zhou stage bucket bag also shine.

In recent years, the fashion circle retro fad, with retro forever blowing endless trend of the most representative small box touches more and more fire. If you are tired of those bad streets of the package, it would be better to start the back but can carry the distinctive small bags, not only will not hit the bag, but also make you look more fashionable in its degree.

Put bags and scarved into the Nature

Showcase branding is a window. Brand image, product information, the latest policy can be accessed through a well-designed and decorated windows passed to the customer. We have had to showcase designers and their work skills done a report, detailing whether it is fast fashion brand or luxury brand for window display of attention. Recently, the French luxury brand Hermes in window design on another new work. Hermes in Tokyo and Shanghai flagship store, you have the opportunity to see Hermes products are in harmony with nature.

The group window is a French artist Isabelle Da? Ron to echo Hermes 2016 annual theme “La Nature au Galop (Nature at full Gallop, gallop between the natural world)” specially designed. By using different window enlarged “drop” of water makes up different shapes, Da? Ron hope reflects the natural state, and thus appeal to everyone face up precious natural resources.

Of course, as a product showcase, Da? Ron also need to perfect the product into the carefully constructed scene. Thus, the following scene occurred: windblown waves while blown away scarves, scarves for the winter and return, geese wings air lodestar; gloves and man-made changes you want to watch the water flow morphology, interpretation theme “made” wave; tableware, accessories and all the water has formed a life usage scenarios.

What wide shoulder strap bags would you like to buy?

From Fendi 2016 spring and summer series launched the era of shoulder straps crude after the United States and the dregs of the various crude Strap You strap on a prelude to the major brands started to work hard on the shoulder strap, wide shoulder straps have introduced a variety of bags, it was so wide shoulder straps from the previous obscurity to now scored grace, the fire got out of hand.

Despite the fire is not fire, do not say, wide shoulder straps that gave us a big girl’s welfare, even if the bag is small and light, and to back big bag full of stuff on the packaging, spaghetti straps at the back shoulders how hard you know … replaced by wide straps also greatly reducing the burden of the Well. So, now not earlier not later, you should not even consider a wide shoulder strap bag only spoil it?

Xiao Bian first saw Snapshot and do not see how beautiful it is, but the second eye … slowly more and more like a third eye, and now has a ready to start, and on the looks it is a relatively knowledge look bag . Snapshot of course, the biggest selling point is its wide shoulder strap, the bag body is square Mini size, but wide strap big, such a “conflict” playful design, a typical American style back up fun and fashionable.

They love these bags because they are the necessary goods

Paris Fashion Week in full swing, the new bags show floor to see heart straight itch, early wondering which one to start with, but after all, you want to wait a few months, so it would be better to follow the EU Grilled look at the show outside the influx of people love what bag it? These are able to instantly start style, heart water which one soon buy up!

First is that the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel it, remember last season the show floor, “Lafayette” Karl build the airport? Therefore, this series of bags you more suited for travel, lightweight shoulder bag is not only convenient, but also quite wild to see their interpretation of girlfriends wear, not exactly the best demonstration of early spring travel you to do it!

Korean model Irene Kim also chose the latest spring and summer 2016 Chanel bag, square design very type, silver also enhances the texture, with boots, leather skirt, jacket printing, a little cool little romance!

Loewe bag these quarters is really out to the streets for hot single product, with style of Puzzle series is an essential influx of people, black and white with Tongshen, turtleneck plus wool coat, Loewe letters printed pants coupled Martin boots also very handsome!

Listen to this summer’s fashion sense

This paragraph only full three-dimensional grasp fold Wrap, Wrap front panels flat, simple, front panels and side seams by hierarchy grasp fold Baoshen design to create a sense of a large zipper bag and buried deep in the side pockets, strengthening bags storage safety performance.

Angular three-dimensional design, mildly curvature may be the cause of your heart. This paragraph overall sense of strong, large interior space, choose the right models, the right color.

Wrap fabric imported encryption nylon PVC plastic, geology light flexible, waterproof high abrasion resistance, good air permeability. Wow indole also uses SBS zipper head, and mark WOW-INW LOGO, play a security role. Button nylon material, with lightweight characteristics, high mechanical strength, toughness and rigidity.

Wow indole aesthetic and structural data analysis and product capabilities. With reversible thinking designers to create, and then the product of “deconstruction – restructuring” complete continuity, expressing the designer of beauty and practical understanding, modest, caring, not subtlety, in order to bring those who carry original and potential charm.

New wallet entered mobile payment market

Microsoft officially announced to enter the mobile payments market, although Microsoft will call it cloud payment services. As previously reported, as, Microsoft Wallet is a new Windows 10 Mobile mobile payment application that allows part of the Lumia models. In addition, Microsoft directly with MasterCard and Visa collaborated, which means that any contactless payment in the end will support Microsoft Wallet, Microsoft’s mobile payment services in addition also supports bonus points, as well as a variety of membership cards.

The current mobile payment market is extremely competitive, but this time the opportunity for Microsoft to launch a mobile payment service is good, because, like the Samsung Pay Apple Pay and other global expansion has helped pioneer Microsoft deployed a large number of contactless payment terminals. Microsoft Wallet is currently supported banks, including Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, Union Bank. When using the membership card will feature business card barcode scanning applications, but some businesses will also require the user to produce a physical card photo.

Microsoft Wallet is currently only in the United States on the line in support of Windows 10 Mobile (Insider Build 14360 and higher), supported models include 650 and Lumia 950,950 XL, only through the payment password authentication, after all, Windows 10 Mobile devices are also listed a model which does not support the fingerprint identification, but the upcoming HP Elite X3 flagship business will become the first to support the fingerprint recognition Win10 Mobile models.

The latest shoes and bags will always appear in her taxi

Taxi on the way to work every day, will take a picture, the same day the sun bags and shoes fashion blogger Eva Chen is actually severe Instagram addicts, after the “LUCKY” leave, she went to the favorite Instagram start co-director of the fashion. Eva Chen is a Chinese, not a glance looks amazing, plus refreshing short hair was a bit special. She loves to laugh and easygoing personality, but also let her passion to do their favorite work.

We are looking forward to her day in the car out of the fresh ingenuity with Po, from affordable Everlane to Balenciaga shoes, as well as to a variety of front-line big bag trend of the brand, everything. Eva Chen was busy all day and will not work after upgrading to hot mom, she always took time off to accompany her daughter, she packs a day in addition to sun, sun shoes, sun eat sun cosmetics is the baby of the sun.

Woman for very many, so you can neutral and to be feminine, easily play a variety of match confidence extraordinarily beautiful woman.