P2P lending platform attracts more investment

Hope Loan Network is an online P2P lending service Web site, set up in July 2011. Founder and CEO Huozhong Hao, who in 2006 co-founded a web 2.0 company, then worked in Cerberus, Yixin, again in 2011 to start a business.

Hope Credit network supports diverse lending and investment products, such as micro-credit, consumer loans, mortgage loans, secured loans and non-performing loans by the Cinda Asset Management do to ensure.

The lead investor Fangmei Guo Harper (WI HarperGroup), is one of the first to enter the Chinese venture capital company AUM more than one billion dollars. Investment performance including DivX, dozens of listed companies, more than 300 early stage startups. It is understood that ECDC has also invested in China well-known companies, such as founder Jason Jiang of Focus Media, Kai-fu Lee founded Innovation Works, ticket foreman, interconnected world, PayEase other companies.

Peter Liu, chairman of WI Harper said that he was optimistic about the development of Internet banking in China, but also optimistic about the hope loan competitiveness and future potential, convinced hope the loan networks such legal compliance, risk control system operating the coherent platform will be stronger to do Big.

Currently, the average annual net return of hope loans 13.57%, has been launched in cooperation with the China Life, Hollard Insurance, Cinda Asset, Xingcheng agricultural firms, UnionPay. June 2015, net loans and hope kenkyū Group to develop a variety of financial products, sustainable development and building a one-stop financial services institutions.

Financing for Artificial Intelligence

Insights Posted on local time on July 17 second quarter of global artificial intelligence start-ups and financing reporting, although the second quarter transactions singular chain fell 10%, but turnover of 1.049 billion US dollars of successfully broke through the $ 942 million in 2014 fourth quarter history The new quarterly high.

The report notes that removing incubator and accelerator, artificial intelligence start-ups in the second quarter the number of transactions for the financing of 121 orders, compared with the first quarter of 2016, a record high of 134 single down 10%, trading volume reached 1.049 billion US dollars, up by 64.9% MoM . Which include Chinese health big data platform carbon cloud intelligence (iCarbonX) in April this year and Tencent, the source of Concord A round of financing $ 154 million, the California network security startups Cylance in June this year and the Blackstone Group (Blackstone Group), Kos pull Ventures (Khosla Ventures) like D round of financing $ 100 million.

Most financing transactions in the second quarter occurred in the early stages of start-up companies, seed round, Angels and A round wheel covers 60% of the transaction, the middle stage (B and C round wheel) transactions accounted for only 12%.

In the second quarter, China, India, Sweden, Ukraine more than fifteen countries, including artificial intelligence start-up companies received equity investments. Nearly 70% of transactions concentrated in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom accounted for 5%, respectively, followed by Israel and Germany.

Reported that Alibaba Group to participate in e-commerce search business Twiggle Israel in May of this year’s A round of financing, will help optimize the user Twiggle online search results. According to Bloomberg, the Alibaba’s investment of about 5 to 10 million dollars.

Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Khosla Ventures and Bain Capital (Bain Capital Ventures) is the most active investors in the second quarter of artificial intelligence. Since 2011, Khosla Ventures invested a total of more than 15 AI companies, ranked first, Intel Capital (Intel Capital) and Data Collective tied for second place.

Biggest buyers platform for Domestic users

INXX is determined in the development of international high street fashion trend emerging cultural enterprises, under the British involving Hong Kong, 2013 to enter the mainland China market, the Chinese want to give consumers more choice worldwide clothing, and bring the most fashionable lifestyle. Currently, INXX retail basis, the establishment of a traditional physical stores + Internet + Mobile Internet + Trinity community run network-wide marketing channels, to provide consumers with shopping, social, information, development, integration services, has become the most international trend style buyers internet.

In the business model, INXX the one hand, has a strong independent R & D capability, its own INXX, THE NEXT, Stand by INXX other brands, on the other hand, through the distribution of imports, authorized agents, and other brands to enter the international top model, popular the trend of brands, such as NBHD, Raf Simons, Rick Owens, mastermind japan, Yeezy, KTZ, HBA, etc. from Japan and South Korea more than 80 fashion brands, creating the nation’s largest set, production, generation sales trend buyers internet.

At the same time, INXX also highly experienced operating management team, not only close to the trends, patterns and nowadays is a popular “red network, IP” drive consumption, and actively to drive consumers through the stars, fashionistas guide ; through gaming and other cross-border cooperation, reasonable operating traditional media and new media, so that the brand and product depth trend of young consumer groups, brand image and expand brand awareness and influence. In order to achieve a contrarian growth in the entire apparel industry downturn in the background.

What areas did Softbank Group invest on this year?

Softbank Group, the British chip designer ARM board of directors today announced that they have reached an agreement, SOFTBANK Group will be £ 24.3 billion acquisition of ARM. 24.3 billion pounds of high prices last week and up to 43% premium to the closing, and instantly caused a sensation in the industry.

Prior to this, Alibaba, Softbank has sold its shares to cash in $ 10 billion, and the Finnish game developer Supercell all shares sold Tencent, it seems, some time ago to raise funds for the acquisition is to pave the way .

Over the past few decades, Masayoshi Son, Softbank commander worldwide a lot of investment, although through the acquisition of US mobile operator Sprint Corp after the surge in debt flaw, but it is undeniable, Masayoshi Son, is nearly 30 years, the most successful investors.

Real content marketing will bring you ZERO cost

With the rise of new industries, the industry’s business model changes taking place more and more, the electricity supplier industry bear the brunt. Today, e-commerce is a gradual transition from extensive operation to fine flow of user operation stage, the electricity supplier practitioners have also been constantly explore new marketing approach. At the same time, the arrival of the era of IP also contributed to a growing number of electricity providers started thinking about how businesses around its core business of commercial value of the surrounding development, expand their marginal value.

Italy narrowly speaking, IP is with a strong charisma, a large part of which user is a fan of the brand and the product, which has become a fan of spontaneous build a strong community, they are all willing to pay the periphery of brands and products . However, any community is a life cycle, these communities maintain and increase the life cycle, it must be strong support premium content. Content-centric, detonated by the community, “Community + content” combination of boxing to become one of the electricity business marketing in 2016 most commendable.

In this new community productivity, the individual not only consumers, but also potential partners. By the way the community can build ties between people, to break the consumers and producers of natural positioning, freeing social development of productive forces, focusing create and share. Thus able to participate in and influence the world around us, a new interpretation of the Mass, or all the times. This coming of age for all based on a strong relationship, so that was traditional in the core electricity business model and gradually into people-centered.

Credit makes finance

Credit is the source of economic operation of the system’s core, wealth. Only comprehend credit itself, through to complex economic phenomena confused, insight into the nature of the economy. Conversely, loss of trust, lack of credit, a contract is a piece of paper, a piece of paper currency, the paper stock may even not as good, no amount of resources is not wealth.

With the advent of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the times, the integrity of financial services has become an important factor in the development of financial services, an important part of competition in the industry, as well as the focus of market competition lies. Star of Wealth Shanghai Investment Management Consulting company has always been the lifeblood of credit for businesses and gold assets in all corners of the financial markets, credit relations of each participant as an interlocking and mutually premise organic network, or will pass, good corporate credit market opportunity is much stronger competitive advantage to gain market recognition and reputation on high, on the contrary, it will fall into a vicious cycle of poor credit, and even expelled out of the market.

Financial integrity is adequate allocation of social resources and the means to achieve free movement of capital, reducing market transaction costs, savings and capital flows necessary prerequisite to accelerate capital turnover. Lack of funds flowing from one party to the surplus, ownership and use of funds meant the separation of ownership also means funds bear a certain degree of risk. If the borrower party does not keep its promise, failed to fulfill timely debt service obligations, will result in financial losses lenders. Over time, it will generate too much credit crunch phenomenon even refused loans, with the result that the financial market is gradually shrinking. Only to further enrich financial services, further enhance the financial integrity of financial markets in order to further open up creativity.

The development history of lei jun

As early programmers, who write “deep DOS programming”, “in-depth Windows Programming” code became essential agricultural materials, the achievements of the LEI early reputation. As a professional manager, he and Qiu Bojun WPS carry this banner pole national software, eventually led Kingsoft listed in Hong Kong.

As an investor, investment outstanding, UC and other lucrative (UC returns up to a thousand times), YY, Thunder, cheetahs move successfully IPO. Lei Jun Zhang as large as can be, and thought nothing of yoga, in private yacht on on party, not necessary 47 years of age, remains more than 6 × 12 working hours per week.

However, Lei Jun venture eventually chose again, just because “did not give up a little bit.”

Lei Jun recalled the journey of life, we will find from small to large, LEI are striving to “optimal.” Even during the Wuhan University had admitted to first grade, he still maintained a strong sense of urgency. For example, when he saw some students do not learn nap time, immediately get rid of their own for many years the habit of napping.

However, fate has always seemed like he was joking, the “optimal” Lei Jun, who is always pressure, so that he did not slack off, but always “almost.”

China’s Internet has entered the “second half”

According to data from new American and respect given the last 12 months ended June 30, 2016 in the new American and reach 220 million active buyers, App’s number of monthly active users reached 180 million, the new American and said, both are second only to the user metric Ali Baba, more than Jingdong, ranking second in China’s e-commerce platform.

Meanwhile, in the business side, the US group and the completion of the public comment after business integration and open system, all kinds of platforms accumulated POI (Points of Interest) information has reached 20 million, including the establishment of new types of cooperation between American and achieve business 432 million and covering almost all levels of the Chinese city.

In his speech, Wang recalled, “in October last year after the US group and the consolidated public comment, like two rivers sink together. We spent three quarters of the time basically completed the integration of the team, the team convergence is very important, but also very easy, but the company is always to create value outside, in the past have so many colleagues working together, we have a good foundation, we have completed the integration, access to a higher market share. “

The founding team has been accelerating the development

Registered in the Cayman court hearing in court overruled the car home, “injunction”, said the transaction can be carried out. Telstra will then update the register of shareholders delivered to Ping An Trust, the formal completion of the delivery. So far, Ping An Trust became the largest shareholder in car home, the majority of the board seats.

On June 26, Qin PL internal mail, “said the company opened a temporary board of directors, and Nicholas I no longer serve as the company’s CEO and CFO”.

On June 27, Telstra responded, hoping to stop the Qin can cause internal information leakage and for Telstra groundless accusations, and hope to continue to maintain good cooperation Qin cause. Subsequently, Qin cause after communicating on behalf of the minority shareholders to the Cayman Islands Court on the complaint. Telstra made the complaint public defense. At this point, the relationship between the Qin and major shareholders caused the verge of breaking.

That same month, car home officially announced that founder Lee would no longer serve as president of car home, leaving only the car home directors, shareholders identity.

People from a financial executive at McKinsey learned exclusively, qichezhijia CEO Qin cause had worked at McKinsey, the share during the battle, Qin cause had help in McKinsey WeChat group. The executives said that for the understanding of the forced acquisition and founding team did not reach the majority of people expressed support for Qin cause emotional.

Cooperate with so many customers in Southeast Asia

Wild ways are born, grew up not play by the rules. “Credit door”, the father was a beaten Wu Meng, has thus realized, “Chu Laihun always” the truth. He would like to see, brains to make money too, on their own.

1990s heyday of Hong Kong and Taiwan chip, Chow Yun Fat movie series starring the God of Gamblers swept Southeast Asia, the cyclone has blown idol Wu Meng Language northeast of town. 10 years old, he sprouted gather all things, when the idea of ​​Big Brother. He took a few children, hand-built a number of prizes, including the time the tide Mobile phone models. With these prizes rustled up a game tournament, rules of the game, participate in the competition can win prizes, a dime a ticket, to near the school children are attracted. Money hand, took little friends squandered.

13 years old, business telephone song is very popular. 3 yuan a song, Wu Meng song at home, holding the phone, listening fascinated. One month down, the home phone more than 300 yuan song fee. Mother in hospital work, more than a month wages, which look mother spent two months wages.

Childhood fun, play to spend money, wanted a way to earn enough money to spend, which makes Wu Meng always had business acumen. Plus daring, willing to share, many small partners like to follow him. These personality traits childhood for later embarked on the road of entrepreneurship planted seeds. After a long gestation the seed, take root in high school.